Culinary Crossroads


If we are what we eat, then we are human history itself. Food is not a mere act of nutritional consumption - it is science, migration, art, religion, math, and more - all rolled into a crispy samosa.






Strewn along the world's many trade routes and ports were bustling caravanserais, or traveler's inns, where stories and dinners were shared with fellow merchants and wanderers alike. Though very few of these caravanserais exist today, fortunately, many of us wanderers still do. On my own journeys, I've joined forces and spoons with companies like Nooshtube, Dinner Lab, and RumiSpice,

to give family, friends, and perfect strangers a taste of the caravanserai experience. 



I've always feared single portion recipes or 'servings for two'. You see, I grew up with pots and pans that cooked for a minimum of 15 people - and that's just for a normal dinner at home. 

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 ... and then some global food-frolicking 

Seaside harvest
Herbs on my Hike
Roasted Roots and Rooster
Roasted Fish
Turkish Not-So-Delight
My Çaylak Buddies
Passover in Istanbul
Muharram Cockerels
Gardening wit the Mum!
One Man's Poison is Another's Dinner
Chopping Beef for a Tribe
Evening Glow
Making Fresh Rice Noodles
Lunch in Sonoma Valley

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