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balancing ideas

As a company, MTNA also wanted to share its open-source technologies and research. Thus,


We decided to have some fun with this. For our first suite of tools, Open DataForge, we unleashed the full force of our collective geekery, with applications aptly named 

SledgeHammer, Caelum, and DataWeaver. As a marketer and designer, balancing the quirky "inspirations" of my higher-ups with that of our niche market was both challenging and enjoyable. 

Soul searchin'

One of the first things I did at my previous job was to figure out the company's identity, which was no walk in the park. It was a young company with a handful of programmers working remotely. Holiday parties took place on Google Hangout. But one thing was certain - we were all science geeks. With that, I first came up with a motto for the company : The Science of Better Data. Next change was the company name - saying the whole name took a good 2 minutes, so it got snipped to MTNA. Et, voila!






Arabic letter Qaf, transliterated as Q or K in English

Bengali letter Ro, transliterated as R in English


Branding this website, and in extension, myself, took time and consideration. In the logo, I wanted to add elements that reflected the multifaceted nature of this website as well as my personal background. The logo is actually the initials of my name in different languages & scripts that I grew up learning, and each of them link me to different elements of my identity that I merged on this site. 

Learn more about my language geekery here




Branding Sherry Dubash's physical therapy practice meant many hours of pondering what was my own true north! She was keen on this concept, which she used to represent a person's individual goals in life. This spiritual element is what makes Sherry's brand so unique - she blends in her years of medical education with a yogic touch.  

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True North Physical Therapy

Though Carl Schuman's business was all about the future, he wanted a brand that showed old-school hospitality. That's after all what he's venturing to do - teaching folks from diverse walks of life about Artificial Intelligence. The cheeky triangular 'A' says it all. 

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AI Ambassadors

Ray Dente likes things lean. From his physique down to his logo. A personal trainer and a nutrition expert, Ray wanted a brand that represented the real, bonafide lifestyle that he promotes and lives himself. The key is simplicity. 

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